Loyal Customers

Why Become a Loyal Customer

If your answer is yes to any of the questions below then It Works Loyal Customer Program is for you!!

Would you like to save 20-40% on the products you purchase?
Do you want to collect perk points to apply to future purchases?
Does free shipping interest you? (U.S. Residents only)

Becoming a Loyal Customer with It Works! has many great benefits, 
but most importantly it's FREE to enroll!

It Works Loyal Customer Benefits 

  • As a Loyal Customer you agree to participate in our autoship program for a minimum of 3 consecutive months. You are not obligated to continue running your autoship after you have ran three, however you will continue to receive Loyal Customer pricing for life!!
  • It Works Loyal Customers you get wholesale distributor pricing (20-40% off) every time you shop.
  • You earn 10% of the wholesale dollar value of your purchases in perk points.
    • For example - $100 worth of products purchased at wholesale price earns you 10 perk points.
    • Perk Points are redeemable after only 4 months and you receive BONUS perk points if you order for 6 consecutive months and again for 12 consecutive months!
    • Perk Points convert $ for $, so if you have 100 perk points that's $100 to use toward FREE product. 
  • New Shipping Incentives (U.S. Residents Only) - FREE shipping after 3 consecutive months of auto-ship or with a purchase of $125+ worth of products!
    • * Shipping Based on U.S. Standard Mail Only *

How to Enroll as a Loyal Customer with It Works

  • Click here to save 20-40% off your products by enrolling as an It Works Loyal Customer and follow the screen shots below.

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